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A bit about me

Hi Guys, my name on here just goes by Zen to make things easy, and I am essentially here to just learn, spread art and get to know people! I live in Australia and am currently at University studying Zoology in my final year. I like to draw a lot, and play with dogs and any other animals really except, spiders.
My Life otherwise is rather unexciting, pretty average and one day I hope I can turn it into an adventure! I would also like to better my art and maybe one day put my love of such a hobby to work but I still have a very long way to go and alternatively would like to work somewhere with wild canids in Ethology.

Over all I recon Im a pretty friendly person, and though I might take a bit to reply I will eventually get to you and I also appreciate every watch, favourite and comment I get, I really do. You're all awesome and I enjoy having such good friends on here!

:bulletyellow: THINGS I LIKE!
- Epic music
- Dark/fantasy/animal/landscape types of art
- Canids! (But all animals in general :))
- Computer games, yes Im a gamer
- Action, often sensless action, cause I am easily amused
- Hilarious things, such as vines
- Cute things
- Fantasy/comedy type movies like Lord of the Rings, or Balls of Fury
- Friendly people and random acts of kindness

:bulletred: THINGS I DONT LIKE
- Random acts of cruelty (Any really... no need for it, seriously)
- the colours Yellow and Orange, unless oriented around fire or Autumn
- Spiders (Arachnophobe)
- Wide open spaces
- Concrete
- Pancakes/cake/waffles/muffins/cupcakes/etc/ just no... *shudders*

Dear Visitor

Tea Stamp by KawikuFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriProtected by Dragons stamp by purgatoriStamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngieMedieval times lover stamp by saigoitjI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateArt at 3 AM by blackdahliaI Love The Rain by WearwolfaaEpic Music Stamp by tranceofstardustForget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123DA Stamp - I Roleplay 01 by tppgraphicsForests by skinnyveestampTablet Stamp by Digi-fishI Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-StarfeeshTalent Stamp by Buneary


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I would like it to be made clear that these lists are not in any order of favoritism, just as I was getting names spelt correctly.

Friends I know in real life:



Younger Sisters




This may seem lazy, but I cannot put all the people who are friends here, else I would be writing and editing mispelled names for hours. I consider everyone that has spoke to me, watched me, or I have watched or spoke to, friends, and there is a lot of you out there. I consider all you guys my friends! :thanks:

Feature Box





- an amazing style using digital and traditional inks, her work often gives delicate and powerful pieces, yet she works with incredible colour! Her landscape works are mind bogglingly good with a lot of depth and creativity to immerse yourself into and get a feel for story. Some of her work is also dedicated to Naor a graphic novel with visually rich environments with an array of very very interesting characters.

Old: Tuhk Character sheet by AhkwardUntugo Rivers WIP by AhkwardZa Mkari ot Aros Tou Zaihkt by AhkwardEntrance to Douhk: Ahklut-mkari detail by AhkwardDhe Mkarishuers: Tuhk, Luihn ot Mkeshu by AhkwardInk Kayru by AhkwardFor the King by AhkwardAhkward WAR: 05 - Now who is big one? by AhkwardAenkah Dhe by AhkwardKoko-zaihkt ot Ikt by AhkwardRabet ot Mutet by AhkwardGoing to... by AhkwardKeros by AhkwardDhe Zaihkters: Fahle ot Koko by Ahkward



- this artist has incredibly neat line work in her art and is all done with mouse work! Whilst doing art in visual format she also has a simply amazing talent in literature, and many of the characters below are from her own story The Everlands. Alternatively her life style has led to contribute to very cool and interesting deviations such as a prehistoric beetle found in her own amber necklace, or recipes that are different to have fun with and definitely tasty (which I can vouch for seeing as I have had the pleasure of eating them :D).

Prehistoric Click Beetle in Amber by saresare93Birthday Calculations by saresare93Len and Ida by saresare93Apples and Dinosaurs by saresare93Zucchini Lasagne Recipe by saresare93Avocado Toastie Recipe by saresare93Vegetarian Nachos Recipe by saresare93Slightly Better Map of The Everlands by saresare93Meryni by saresare93Cephilia by saresare93Raime by saresare93[PDF] Recipe: Zucchini Bites (log-style) by saresare93Hannah by saresare93Minor Characters - Anian by saresare93[PDF] Recipe: Lentil Miscellany (stew-style) by saresare93


- A great fantasy artist with beautiful textures, ideas and atmosphere. Her imagination is vibrant and displays an array of original concepts for her creatures and the worlds they belong in. With dazziling techniques in mood setting such as firey effects, rain moonshine or otherwise, skill and a friendly attitude to boot she is an excellent artist to get to know.

Sapphire - Lazarus by IsvocThe Crystal by IsvocFoux Hooter by IsvocHippogriff by IsvocGodzilla by IsvocSmilemander by IsvocAngel by IsvocQueen Monarch by IsvocTides of Fire by IsvocThornspike by IsvocPyrkon Dragon by IsvocA Twig by IsvocRedstone Dragon by IsvocCurse You All Men by Isvoc


- A charismatic person, Abbysol often holds contests in favour of her audiences and supports many competitions. Her art is very bright and cheerful with quite a lot of great pokemon works that reflect the pokemon creatures to near perfection. With her own original story's such as Demon Hunters she also has a variety of characters to look through.

Kalos Trainer Abby by AbbysolHappy Birthday saresare93 by AbbysolWelcome back to Hoenn! by AbbysolPokemon Type Meme by AbbysolChibi Demon Hunters by AbbysolAdolph by AbbysolKeon by AbbysolQueen Senka by AbbysolYuki by AbbysolCaptain Naida by AbbysolProfessor Dante by AbbysolMiss Era by AbbysolBig Bad Wolf by AbbysolDemon Hunters by AbbysolFree Icon - Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler by Abbysol

FAQ and Current Status

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDukeCommissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDuke


:bulletred: Are you a guy?/really a girl?
I am a female, and yes I am sure.

:bulletred: How long have you been drawing?
I really could not give you an honest answer, I cannot remember, other than a low period I once had, I have always had drawing in my life.

:bulletred:What do you use to do your art?
A great arsenal!
Digital: I use Photoshop, though have used Sai and Gimp before (I just do not like Gimps interface, but it works for others).
-Wabcom Bamboo tablet, yes I know, its old and small and outdated, but it works for me.

Traditional: Staedtler pencils and erasers. By god, not only do I love these pencils, they come in all sorts of softness from 2H-8B and are cheap, easily replaceable, work brilliantly! (however this hasnt stopped me from just using any ol pencil or lead, its just what I prefer)
-Tortillion/paper stump
-Kneadable eraser
-I would tell you the brand of pens except I use them so often the brand stamps on the outside have rubbed off, and I generally just grab what ever from newsagents or hobby shop... so uh... the black and silver ones.

:bulletred:I need some help. Can you give me any tips?
Yes, of course, I would be happy to lend a hand where ever I can so send me a note! I wont however do something 'for you'.

:bulletred:Do you take commissions?
Yes I do, see my journal for details by clicking HERE

:bulletred:Why havent you replied yet?
This would most likely be due to Uni (assignments etc), home, or work related, sometimes I can just get very very busy, I apologise in advance, and just please be patient and Ill get to you as soon as I can!

:bulletred:Do you have any characters or RP?
Yes I do. Though I have not posted much art, especially not up to date art on them, I have a highly developed unique fantasy world with many characters. As to whether I would be willing to RP, depends on how many I might have going or if I am too busy to. Or simply if our tastes in an RP just simply dont mix.

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Any points are appreciated and I will give critiques, comments, llamas and watches for points.
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one of these damn days Iw ill draw Zendar or Risata~
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